805 SE Salem, Oak Grove, Missouri, 64075





MLS: 24012-50217

19.5 Acres



What You Should Know

  • Oak Grove MO Development Land

  • Mixed Use Property for Sale

  • Light Industrial or Retail

  • United Country - Commercial

  • Near Residential development

  • Multi-Family Housing Potential

  • Within City Limits Oak Grove

  • Commercial Development Land

Why You'll Love It

Mixed Use Property in Oak Grove, MO near I-70. This 19.5 ac +/- mixed use parcel sets on the east side of Oak Grove, Missouri within the city limits. Property has many potential uses.  Situated next to a residential development, it could be used for retail, multi-family housing or light industry.  Within walking distance of Wal-Mart and numerous retail stores.  All utilities available.$1,100,000  Call Kurt Hollenberg at 573-220-6155 for complete details.

Section 405.175. "C-2" Central Business District.

[Ord. No. 1383 §405, 1-6-2003; Ord. No. 1565 §11, 4-2-2007]

A. Purpose. The "C-2" Central Business District is intended primarily to accommodate major business services and retail business activity related to the core area of the City. Limited residential uses shall be permitted in accordance with Section 405.205(X).

B. Uses. Uses shall be allowed in the "C-2" District in accordance with the Use Table of Section 405.200.[1]

[1] Editor's Note — The Use Table is included as an attachment to this chapter.

C. Property Development Standards. Each site in the "C-2" District shall be subject to the following property development standards:

1. Lot size. There shall be no minimum lot size standard in the "C-2" District.

2. Lot width. The minimum lot width shall be seventy-five (75) feet, except on existing lots adjacent to Broadway from South 10th Street to South 14th Street.

3. Front setback. There shall be no required minimum front setback in the "C-2" District.

4. Side setback. No minimum side setback shall be required, provided that when the side setback area is adjacent to lots zoned "R-2" or less intensive, the minimum side setback shall be twenty (20) feet. When adjacent to lots zoned "R-3" or "C-1", the minimum side setback shall be fifteen (15) feet.

5. Rear setback. No minimum rear setback shall be required, provided that when the rear setback area is adjacent to lots zoned "R-3" or less intensive, the minimum rear setback shall be thirty (30) feet.

6. Building coverage. There is no maximum building coverage limit in the "C-2" District.

7. Height. The maximum height shall be fifty (50) feet.

D. Supplemental Standards. The following supplemental standards shall apply in the "C-2" District:

1. Outdoor storage and display. Outdoor display and storage of merchandise shall be allowed within the "C-2" District in accordance with the standards of Section 405.255. In no event may the outdoor storage or display of materials be located on public right-of-way.

2. Projections in right-of-way. Marquees and awnings may project over public right-of-way but shall not project beyond the back-of-curb line and shall not interfere with the use of the public right-of-way.


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Where You'll Find It

  • Street Address: 805 SE Salem
  • City: Oak Grove
  • State: Missouri
  • County: Jackson

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